KaMaRo Engineering

Season start with new wiring harness and a giant puzzle

  • chair: Kamaro
  • Date: 4.11.2014

Season start with new wiring harness and a giant puzzle

Beteigeuze with new arm and Elektronicbox

The start of the new winter-semester 2014/15 also marks the beginning a new season for Kamaro.

We are happy to welcome some new students to our team. The new members will take part in a series of workshops to allow for a easier entry into our work structures. Each of our teams will conduct a small introductory project to teach necessary basic skills and make everyone known with each other. Our experienced students are guiding the beginners step-by-step along the way.

During the next few weeks, we will mostly focus on two projects.

In early 2014, our robot Beteigeuze was fully assembled and wired for the first time. Since then, we participated in two competitions (Field Robot Event and SICK Robot Day) and gathered a lot of experience. Now we will take the robot fully apart to check every part for signs of defects and wear. If necessary, we will optimize some parts.

The complete wiring harness will be redesigned into a robust, dependable and modular system. This will reduce the risk of failure and make investigating problems far easier then it used to be. The whole robot will look a lot cleaner afterwards as well.