KaMaRo Engineering

3D Printing

  • chair: Mechanik
  • Date: 16.11.2013

3D Printing

Leading Edge Technology - Kamaro Engineering utilizes Rapid Prototyping.

In Cooperation with the AKK („Arbeitskreis Kultur und Kommunikation“) Kamaro Engineering takes steps into the future:

Using generic fabrication methods, we will complement the classic construction materials aluminum and steel with polymer materials.

The 3D-Printer „Ultimaker I" deployed by the AKK, works by the method of fused deposition modeling and is capable of processing ABS und PLA. The Team Mechanics will test the new parts thoroughly during the next weeks to evaluate the new fabrication method. 

Rapid prototyping allows to reduce the time from the drawing board to the testing field drastically. This makes multiple testing iterations during the development process possible. Improvements to avoid weaknesses and to use potentials can be incorporated very early, resulting in overall better parts.