KaMaRo Engineering

State of the Art

  • chair: Team Electronic
  • Date: 27.02.2013

State of the Art

Planning - ✓ Complete

Which abilities will our robot need? And how do we make it work?
Concept of Arrangement and Communication 


To meet our expectations regarding functionality, we decided to incorporate many sensors.

The robot needs to be aware of his surroundings, its own mechanics and its position. Therefore we added


  • LIDAR (Laser 2-D Scanning), Ultrasonic, Infrared
  • Tactile sensors as part of the mechanics
  • Accelerometers, Gyroscope, Magnetometer, GPS (planned)

The Electronics will be split up into three modular subsystems.


  • Power Supply
  • Main Communication and Sensor Data Interface
  • Auxiliary Sensor PCB (Preprocessing of the front-sensor data)


Three different bus systems will be used.

  • Communication between PCBs: I²C
  • Communication between PCBs and Main Computer: UART via USB
  • Communication between PCBs und Motors: CAN

Designphase- ✓ Complete


PCB Layout

3D Layout of the Power Supply PCB


Milled Master Shield PCB (Manufactured at the ITIV Institute)